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OMG this place was sooo crazy! i pictured it differently. i didnt know it was in a building i thought we'd be in a giant mansion out in the boonies but the scares were great! i must admitt i did cry in one of the haunts lol. i am not a fan of clowns and those creepy clowns put me to tears! lol ahhhh i'm so going back next year! i recommend it to everyone!!
--Candace - Elk Grove, CA (2010 Guest)

Okay so let me start off saying that this was awesome!!!! It was way more than I expected. I will say that i didn't find the Scream-Max or the Mystery Shack all that scary in any way! It definitly balances out with Undertakers Revenge, Death Row, and the Nightmare Visions in 3D. Those were AWESOME! I will surely go again next year! it is worth the $26 even if 2 weren't scary! Next time I will bring more thank 1 person with me!!
--Emilia F. - Rio Linda, CA (2010 Guest)

I thought it was really scary, the people walking around scared the crap out of the group. You guys are freckin awesome! :)
--Taytee. - Sacramento, CA (2010 Guest)

The haunts were frickin' scary, especially Death Row and Undertaker. The effects in Nightmare Vision were awesome. The quality of the haunted houses were EXCELLENT! The actors were beyond scary. The guy that came out crawling in the Death Row haunt scared me so bad I almost didn't want to go through, but I had to! I wanted to go through everything slow to get really scared, but I got SO scared I ran through most of it. I will definitely come back and bring friends!
--Memory B. - Lodi, CA (2010 Guest)

Wow, it was my first time going to Fright Planet, but I had wanted to go since 2009. It was great! I loved going through the 3-D one. It was my favorite especially since my sister is terrified of clowns, and she pushed my other sister into a wall because there was a clown behind her! HILARIOUS! The people walking around scaring people were hilarious, but they sure made you paranoid! I loved it and I'm definitely going next year!!! :D P.S. I miss my Zombie Buddy!!! :D
--Arelli M. - North Highlands, CA (2010 Guest)

Fright Planet is so well put together. The actors are AMAZING and the haunts just looked SO COOL! My favorite was the Saloon. Wow! The Nightmare Visions really scared me too because of the clowns... omg... my worst fear... definitely coming back again this year and next year!
--Mandy S. - Antelope, CA (2010 Guest)

I loved it it was the best haunted house i have ever been to i loved how they all were very very scary and my little brother wet his pants i t was the coolest and scariest thing i had ever seen in my entire life thank you all for your scary work on the whole thing.It was AWESOME!!!!
--Zoey - Antelope, CA (2009 Guest)

My 15 year old daugter and her friend only lasted 3 minutes. It was the funny thing I have ever seen, they were both so scared , we have laughed about so much. We are coming back this year for her 16th birtday party, but this time she bringing lots of friends...........lets see if she makes it. Ha Ha ha
--Shirla L. - Jackson, CA (2009 Guest)

It was so scary my boyfirend was using his phone as a flash light. LOL.
--Ester O. - Sacramento, CA (2009 Guest)

This haunted house was insaneeeeee !!!!! Ohhh geez now i know why they sold adult diapers there, that was off the hook mind boggling scary. I was so scared . Best Haunted house everrrrrrrr .!!!!!
--Janida P. - Antelope, CA (2009 Guest)

This is so scary my heart still hurts!
--Jay B. - Bay Area, CA (2009 Guest)

--Tay L. - Sacramento, CA (2009 Guest)

Fright Planet was our family's first visit to a haunted house. The actors are very professional and realistic. Just when we thought we knew what to expect, something unexpected would happen! Our 12 year old son enjoyed the experience from the first scare. We look forward to Fright Planet's Haunted House in 2010.
--Kathleen W. - Shingle Springs, CA (2009 Guest)

If you're seeking for more than just a little scare, this is the place. I was so freaked out by the first walk that I was hesitant to go through the second walk. When the clowns were chasing my girlfriends and I, one of my girlfriends almost got lost because she was so freaked out. The clowns wouldn't let us pass through and we were just running all over the place. When we got to the last walk, we all just ran for it because the Hill Billy was chasing us and we didn't even look back once. I had read about the trick door that tells you to exit and then something crawls out under you and when we got to that part, I was totally jumping onto my boyfriend and pushing him to move faster. Thank goodness I used the restroom before the walk!!
--Ploua T. - Marysville, CA (2008 Guest)

HAHA!!! scariest freaking thing i will ever be in!!!! Haha i went for my birthday not expecting it to be that scary at all. I was sooooooo wrong! Eight people were there with me and EVERYONE cried and lost their voices!!!!! Haha and im not afraid to admit it i peed my pants!! Haha tell this day we tell our stories to everyone whos willing to listen. I had the best laughs and scares of my life there!! Coming back for my bday party again this year!! Haha gonna make it a yearly thing so keep it up!!
--Mikayla T. - Citrus Heights, CA (2008 Guest)

I cannot even begin to tell you how amazing our experience was! My friends who I went with are all thrill seekers and love a good scare. When I say love, I mean LOVE! We literally go out and see all the scary movies and love to go to haunted houses, but we didn't expect for it to be as awesome as it was! The best house was Podunk hill. It scared the crap out of me! BEST HAUNTED HOUSE EVER!
--Vanessa T. - Sacramento, CA (2008 Guest)

This was a great huanted house, love it good job. it was scary. but i didnt wet my pants lol.
--Dave M. - Redding, CA (2008 Guest)

Awesome! Very scary, thats all u need to know. The Psycho Midway is the scariest cuz alot of people are afraid of clowns, I recommend it!!!!!!!! It wasn't scary enough to wet your pants though! lol
--Travis - Roseville, CA (2008 Guest)

This place was awesome. At first I didn't think it wouldn't be all that scary. When my friends and I entered that pitch black hall, I was scared out of my wits! The first haunted portion scared the living daylights out of me. When the guy told me to come towards him at the end, I would not budge at all and totally screamed my head off when something was at my foot. My boyfriend was spooked when a clown grabbed his leg. Podunk Hill was the best. It scared my friend's boyfriend and he ran like crazy. Very creepy but totally awesome! Can't wait for next year!!!
--Crystal O. - Stockton, CA (2008 Guest)

I wasn't expecting to scared... As much as I was. Wow I was one of the many laughing people outside in many fun the "cry babies" who where inside screaming....Until it was our turn to go in....Then we were the one's crying like babies...It was the most thrilling experience I've ever experienced so much FRIGHT in my life.. We had to check our pants to make sure we didn't pee them. Great Show !! I'll be coming every year!!!!
--Jenna L. - Sacramento, CA (2008 Guest)

Very well put together. The cruise Liner was very cool me and my boyfriend ran almost through the whole thing it was super scary and when we got out I was shaking. The clowns were very scary they did make me cry very scary the actors did a great job.
--Kayla A. - North Highlands, CA (2008 Guest)

Wow! That was the most scariest thing I've ever been through. It was like running for your life all i could think about was getting the f*** out of there. The two things that scared me the most was going through the dark hallway in the beginning and being huddled up in a group and then all of a sudden the group disappears and i glanced to the side and didn't take a good enough look and i thought it was my uncle walking next to me at first and then i looked again to make sure it was him and realized that i was being followed by some freaky guy with a white face. damn that was terrifying! That clown thing makes me speechless knowing that there were clowns coming at me in every direction almost made me pee my pants by the time i was outs there i was shaking and crying and saying to my self i'm not going to die i'm not going to die!!!
--Madison J. - Fair Oaks, CA (2008 Guest)

You guys are the best you scared my hair from curly to straight wow no scary movie could scare me more ahhhhhh!!!!
--Taylor L. - Sacramento, CA (2008 Guest)

By far, the Cruise liner got me the best - sensory overload with people coming at you from all sides!! Thought I was going to die when that guy started crawling after us!! In fact - we did have a pant wetter in our group, and it wasn't me this time! But by far the neatest thing was the polka-dot ninja -- didn't see that coming at all! GREAT haunts! Really got our adrenaline up and I'm still hoarse from screaming! Definitely worth the money!
--Julie M. - Roseville, CA (2008 Guest)

The whole experience was much better than anticipated! Sets were very detailed and the actors were great! I forever owe thanks to the guy who chased my girlfriend out of Podunk Hill and into the Halloween Store! He gave me the best laugh in years!!
--Tim S. - Folsom, CA (2008 Guest)

OMG i went to your haunted house with my two best friends we are all 13 and it made me actually cry wow i have NEVER been soooooo scared in my life we all had the best time ever it was sooo fun and soooo scary we are definitely coming back next year great job fright planet and great job to all the people in costumes!!!!! you rock!
--Pamela H. - Georgetown, CA (2008 Guest)

The sets were done well, my favorite was Podunk Hill...the characters were great... and they really scared my husband, which is hard he isn't scared of anything... They were all good... This is a fun attraction...Definitely worth the 20.00. If you want to have fun with your friends and family Go for it!
--Angela - Citrus Heights, CA (2008 Guest)

OMG the suspense when you just see the door to enter is scary. You want to go in but you body tells you no. But my favorite part would have to be the clown. He was standing by the wall he looked really fake so i told my mom to walk by and he didn't do anything. So i walked by and i turned around and he is standing right behind me! Of course i ran and screamed! Fright Planet is the scariest haunted house you will ever go to! I encourage you to go down and walk through.
--Cassie H. - Colfax, CA (2008 Guest)

I went to this place a few years ago at a different location and I wasn't sure if they were going to be able to pull it off again because last time was absolutely amazing! I mean I still remember it! But when I went with my friend I must say that we were scared out of our minds. Our hearts were pounding and my friend was even shaking with fear it was crazy! For me the scariest haunt would have to be Podunk Hill because we were actually chased out of that haunt by one of the guys. It was terrifying! This is one of the best places I've been to. I highly recommend it!
--Krismy A. - Citrus Heights, CA (2008 Guest)

We were skeptical at first if we would really get scared or not. That is no longer an issue. My husband and two kids attended your haunted attraction for the first time and I must say that I have never been that scared in my life. All of the Haunts were really good but the clown one really stole the show for us. There was one part in the clown area that really got me good and almost got me to pee my pants and run through a wall. I believe it was the drop panel clown that did it the best. He came out underneath a curtain by the "choose a door" area and started to crawl after us with our backs turned to him. I heard a noise and turned around to see him crawling after us and my heart jumped out of my skin. OMG! that was great. That scared me so bad I backed against the far wall almost running through it and screamed almost to tears. To my family, to your staff, and that great clown. WOW!!! I would recommend your haunt to anyone who wants to scream and get scared.
--Kari H. - Carmichael, CA (2008 Guest)

These haunted houses were scary and way better than any haunted house I've been to! I didn't think I would scream, but I was spooked. The clown following me scared me the most! I screamed so much I had a headache after it was all over!
--Sandee P. - Antelope, CA (2008 Guest)

This is by far the best haunted attractions I have ever been to in years. The clowns are amazing, especially the scary clown at the drop panel and under the curtain by the doors scared the pants off of me and my friends. I am very hard to scare. So great job FrightPlanet and the drop panel clown. Wow....Can't wait for next year.
--JD - Folsom, CA (2008 Guest)

I'm twelve, this was my first real haunted house. My mom loves Halloween and made me go!! I had a really great time though. I didn't think I would get scared and I was wrong. I didn't pee my pants but I did scream like a girl and held my moms hand a few times....YEAH I will admit it SO! I will definitely be coming next year!
--Raeden G. - Carmichael, CA (2008 Guest)

We made the mistake of visiting some low-budget "haunted house" earlier the same evening that was the WORST. It was a blessing in disguise though because it made us find FrightPlanet. Boy am I glad we found you guys! Your haunted house really saved the night for us. The 3-D effects were a new twist, and really threw us off-guard. You have a fun and professional staff that never broke character, and they were able to scare the pants off my brave teenager looking for his first "real" scare of the season. Clown got him but GOOD!! We'll definitely be coming back.
--Mike B. - Rocklin, CA (2008 Guest)

I've been to six flags and other haunted houses and they do not compare. Usually i don't get scared at all. Not only is it scary they have a really friendly staff. They had really cool 3-d effects. Well worth the three hour round trip drive! See you guys next year!
--Stanley C.. - San Francisco, CA (2007 Guest)

I was hoarse that night from all the screams and I really didn't expect my ultimate fear to be relived that night....serious arachnophobia. I cried. I loved it. Each set had their own story and the actors never got out of character for the whole tour.
--Melinda C. - Concord, CA (2007 Guest)

Everything was absolutely horrifically PERFECT. The sets were frightening, the crew were convincing and even I almost wet my was AMAZING. the actress playing the part of the woman knocking the doors was SO SCARY...and so was the bleeding bride after that!!! I'm definitely coming back next year, with WAY MORE FRIENDS.
--Sahana S. - Folsom, CA (2007 Guest)

I loved it!I like scary,and it was scary.The clowns creeped me out, it was awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!
--Travis C. - Roseville, CA (2007 Guest)

I really enjoyed the criuseliner & midway The smells in the midway were great & added to the ambiance. My favorite was the captain of the cruiseliner.
--Jeanie V. - Applegate, CA (2007 Guest)

This was my first haunted house and I have to say it was very well done. The actors seemed to really enjoy their job and had really were creepy. The clowns were the scariest. Especially the ones that followed you through the hallways!
--Hannah E. - Rocklin, CA (2007 Guest)

First time going to your haunt. All the haunted houses were worth the money. Very scary. Cool themes. All the actors played there parts really well. Will be back again!
--Shanelee - Lodi, CA (2007 Guest)

"The sets, props, decorations, and actors blow away all the competition; even those large theme parks!.
--Mark J. (2005 Review)

"The actress giving us the introduction played her part well, with creepy movements and makeup. She also never broke character. The inside of the liner was often really dark - sometimes so dark that we had no idea where to go or what to do - very cool!"
--Haunted Bay (2005 Review)

"My favorite thing about Fright Planet were the details and that you stuck with the storyline. Great job, keep up the great work!"
--James V. (2005 Guest)

"If you went to any other haunted house, you just wasted your money!"
--David C. (2005 Review)

"If you only do one thing this Halloween, be sure it's to come here!"
--Mary J. (2004 Guest)

"This is our third time through. Our kids begged us to bring them again!"
--Pamela S. (2004 Guest)

"Before Fright Planet all we had were scary movies with the lights turned off. Now it's like being in that scary movie. I love it!"
--David L. (2004 Guest)

"The butler was well costumed and played his role convincingly. He was stooped over and creepy, yet oddly friendly!"
--Haunted Bay (2004 Review)

"This Victorian-themed mansion and haunted adventure incorporates theatrical designed sets, professional animatronics, special effects and hard working actors that transport participants into what feels like a real horror movie."
--Bay Insider (2004 Review)










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